For nearly thirty-five years, Jeff Kelly has been in and around the legal field. Mr. Kelly’s experience includes certification by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission and subsequent certification by the City of Cleveland, Ohio as a private police officer. As a Pinkerton Investigator Mr. Kelly conducted investigations involving employee theft, embezzlement, threats, executive protection, and policy violations requiring surveillance and undercover work. Additionally, Mr. Kelly was assigned cases involving worker’s compensation surveillance, labor strike surveillance for corporate clients, and background investigations for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Following his time at Pinkerton, Mr. Kelly was the investigations manager for a western Michigan investigations firm. In addition to his investigations and management role, Mr. Kelly was an appointed Ottawa county deputy sheriff/court officer and took direct responsibility for executing bench warrants, writs of restitution, and writs of execution. He also worked closely with the area Judges, attorneys and police agencies where Mr. Kelly developed an outstanding reputation as a consummate professional in the legal investigations field. Mr. Kelly has always approached every investigation in a thorough, ethical, and professional manner.

After completing a degree in paralegal sciences Mr. Kelly took a litigation position with a Louisville, Kentucky law firm. The nearly 20 years he spent in a law firm setting allowed Mr. Kelly to develop a functional understanding of the civil rules and case management. By fusing his investigative background with his litigation and civil case management knowledge, Mr. Kelly provides an unprecedented source for all your investigative and legal support needs.

Today, J.T. Kelly & Associates brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as contacts throughout the United States to afford their legal and corporate clients service they can trust and count on.

Our Pledge

Integrity and commitment to client satisfaction is paramount to J.T.Kelly & Associates. Professionalism, confidentiality, and frequent communication is imperative in conducting a successful investigation and in establishing a solid and trusting relationship with each and every client. Our every effort is to provide unparalleled investigative services that will keep us as an integral partner to your business or law firm.